Dead Cells Gets Its First Paid DLC - The Bad Seed - in Q1 2020

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin announces the game's first paid DLC The Bad Seed, which features new biomes, enemies, weapons, and a boss.

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin has done an admirable job releasing copious post-launch content for the game for the low, low price of free. In 2020, the team plans to drop their first paid content for their excellent rogue-like. The Bad Seed adds tons of new content to the game for only $4.99 and will ensure that the dev has the funds to continue their outstanding post-launch support. Check out the new teaser trailer for The Bad Seed below.

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed looks to make a great game better. Players will two new biomes open to them. Both the Arboretum and the Swamp are as beautiful as they are deadly. Expect to run into some devilish new enemies that will test your skills. Waiting at the end is a new boss that the team at Motion Twin describes as “exceedingly creepy”.

Of course, its not just the enemies that are getting an update. There will be new items for you to test out and master. This includes a great-looking giant scythe that’s about twice the size of your character. Not exactly practical, but it sure looks cool.

Smartly, The Bad Seed serves as an alternative early game route, meaning every player will get to test their mettle against the new baddies. For a game that’s known for its difficulty, it makes sense to create DLC that everyone can play. This makes it easier to sell the content to new players.

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed will release in Q1 2020. While this DLC will be paid content, veteran Dead Cells fans can rest assured that Motion Twin will take that money and put it back into the game in the form of free post-launch updates.

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