Dead Cells Developer Planning First Post-Release Major Update

In the first major update for Dead Cells after its official release, the roguelike game will add a new Custom Mode and include bug fixes and improvements.

September 21, 2018

Developer Motion Twin outlined plans for their hit roguelike Metroidvania Dead Cells, relaying the information on the Steam website. While the update and upcoming DLC are still a way off, Motion Twin was able to briefly discuss the game’s planned “Custom Mode.”

The mode will allow players to basically customize and modify their own Dead Cells to give players further control of the game’s mechanics. The examples that the post gives include the ability to “ban some weapons from the loot table once unlocked” and being able to choose your starter gear.

Otherwise, expect the first major update for the game to also focus on bug fixes, polishing, and balancing. The developers have also heard feedback about mod support, and pledge to improve this support in the same update.


Motion Twin is opening up the discussion to the game’s fans, asking players if they would prefer paid DLC or regular, small updates. The first major update is planned to go live sometime after late October or early November. The game is available to play on all current major platforms, with the Switch version apparently outselling the PS4 version by a wide margin.

Chris Compendio

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