Dead Cells Will Probably Not Get a Sequel, Says Game Designer

Motion Twin wants to do something different with their next projects, so don't expect a Dead Cells sequel—unless they need money, they joke.

The roguelike Metroidvania (or whatever genre you’d assign it to) Dead Cells was a huge success in sales, especially on the Nintendo Switch, but don’t expect a direct follow-up any time soon. In an interview with Game Informer, Motion Twin game designer Sébastien Bénard tempered expectations about a possible sequel.

When asked about a hypothetical Dead Cells 2, Bénard shared his personal thoughts on the matter.

In terms of a sequel, we know for sure it’s not a good idea to dwell on your success. If you create a big hit, it’s best to use this energy to make something different. I don’t think we’ll make a Dead Cells 2. We’re more open to creating more content and opening the game up more to the community. If we did make a Dead Cells 2, it’s because we really need the money (laughs). We don’t want to stick to the same thing though, so I think if we did come back it would be something quite different, not a platformer or roguelike along these lines.

With post-release content still being added to the game, there is still plenty of Dead Cells to come. Just recently, a new update brought a new custom game mode and some challenges. Rather than starting from scratch with a full sequel, Motion Twin seems to be in favor more of supporting the original game, which still remains popular.

Bénard also shared some other interesting tidbits about the development of Dead Cells—for one, a very early version of the game was a “free-to-play tower defense game for mobile.” If you missed one of the most acclaimed titles of 2018, you can play Dead Cells on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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