Dead Cells Said to Have Sold More on Switch Than PS4, Four to One

Dead Cells Said to Have Sold More on Switch Than PS4, Four to One

According to a marketer involved with the game, the roguelike Metroidvania Dead Cells sold more on the Switch than on PS4, a ratio of four to one.

Roguelike Dead Cells has made a splash within the gaming community, with good word-of-mouth apparently translating into successful sale numbers. Speaking to Destructoid at PAX West, someone involved in the marketing team of the game claimed that the Switch version of Dead Cells outsold the PS4 version by a factor of four to one.

The Nintendo Switch, with its portability, has no doubt been a haven for independent games. While this marketer did not provide any specific sale numbers to back up his claim, the fervent demand for Switch ports for every game makes this claim somewhat believable.

There is precedent for indie games selling quite well on Switch—one example is Super Meat Boy, where developer Team Meat claimed that the Switch sales for the first day of release rivaled that of the game’s Xbox 360 numbers. Though similarly, no exact numbers were given.

Regardless of the concrete numbers, the team behind Dead Cells believe their game to be a sales success. Be sure to check out our positive review here, and take a peek at the upcoming art book for the game here.