Dead Cells Pimp my Run Update for Consoles Now Available and Includes 60 FPS for Nintendo Switch

Dead Cells Pimp my Run Update for Consoles Now Available and Includes 60 FPS for Nintendo Switch

The Pimp my Run update for Dead Cells has come to consoles, and includes the very nice 60 FPS update for Switch owners.

A new update, dubbed Pimp my Run, for Dead Cells has come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch with lots of new and modified features, including tons of community suggestion fulfillments.

This update came to PC owners of Dead Cells late last year and has now come to the console versions. This update was in the works as far back as September 2018, only a month after its 1.0 release on August 7, 2018 on all platforms.

A new custome game mode allows players to un- or re-lock items, and lots of customization when it comes to gameplay. The “mob auto-scaling” mechanic has been completely removed, as all levels will now have a fixed difficulty instead of scaling to match whatever variables the player has accumulated.

  • in 0-cell mode: things will be a little bit easier (just a little bit)
  • in 1 & 2-cells modes: difficulty is roughly the same as before
  • in 3 & 4-cells modes: you’ll have to be really careful to be properly equipped before getting to late levels (picking cursed chests scrolls is highly recommended)

Health points for players on Brutality and Tactic difficulties will have more HP with Tactics HP being raised to 30 and Brutalities cap being raised from level 14 to level 45.

Nintendo Switch owners can now enjoy the 60 FPS goodness of Dead Cells which reportedly, “took much longer than expected due to technical hurdles, but now runs as smooth as a hot knife through butter.”

Unfortuantely for fans of Dead Cells one of its designers has stated that a sequel at this time is unlikely due to the team wanting to make something different.

The full patch notes for this 1.1 update can be found on developer Motion Twin’s website and has about 200 different updates. Those who are mid-run may need to copy their file to a new save and reset their run after the update in order to avoid a crash. Motion Twin’s stated it was only occurring to 0.01% of players but is enough to watch out for. Motion Twin still has plans for additional content for Dead Cells soon, so keep an eye out for that update.