Dead Island 2 is Somehow Still in Development Confirms THQ Nordic

Believe it or not, Sumo Digital is supposedly still working on the long-awaited Dead Island 2.

Remember Dead Island 2? Deep Silver’s follow-up to last-generation’s Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide? Well, after being first revealed all the way back in 2014 only for news surrounding the project to essentially flatline, apparently, Dead Island 2 is still alive and kicking and is set to release at some point down the road.

In a recent financial call going over the publisher’s earnings from the past quarter, THQ Nordic, the owner of Deep Silver and the Dead Island IP, looked to the future and talked about some of the upcoming titles that it has in the pipeline. In the process, Dead Island 2 specifically was mentioned by the company’s CEO Lars Wingefors. “Dead Island 2 is still being worked on. Stay tuned,” was all that Wingefors had to say about the project though before moving on.

It’s also worth noting that during THQ Nordic’s presentation, Dead Island 2 was still slated to come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This means that if the game is actually going to release, you’d imagine it’ll come out before we make the jump to next-gen hardware, which many expect to occur in fall 2020. Still, with how long this title has been in supposed development hell, it’s really hard to make any judgments on when it will finally release.

I’m just hoping that assuming Dead Island 2 does eventually end up coming out, it’ll be even halfway decent. More often than not, games that are trapped in development like this end up being less-than-stellar once they finally hit store shelves. Maybe this won’t be the case here, but I definitely can’t say I have a lot of hope in whatever this final product of Dead Island 2 will be.

If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll finally hear more about Dead Island 2 next month at E3 2019, but I wouldn’t cross my fingers too much given the track record for this game.

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