Lineage II Goes Free-to-Play, Gets Shiny New Expansion

Lineage II Goes Free-to-Play, Gets Shiny New Expansion

Not only will Lineage II get a brand-spankin’ new expansion Nov. 30, but all of the game’s content for players levels 1-99 will be free. That’s right: Absolutely free.

NCsoft’s Goddess of Destruction update will include a bevy of new content in addition to a new web-based leveling guide and item shop.

Three Exploration Packs unrelated to the expansion will become available for pre-purchase Nov. 23 as well. Hit the jump to learn more about each pack.

Each Exploration Pack caters to players with different levels of interest.

The Discovery Pack is meant for casual players and features an R-Grade Weapon Seal Scroll and an R-Grade Top-Grade Life Stone.

Adventure Pack players will receive everything from the Discovery Pack in addition to an R-Grade Enhance Scroll.

Finally, the Destiny Pack is for the hardest of hardcore Lineage II players, granting them all the content from the previous two packs and includes an R-Grade Unbind Scroll through December.

One of the things that’s kept me from even trying out an MMORPG is the cost. That, and the sheer amount of time you can dedicate to the things. I already get obsessed when I do one of my annual playthroughs of Final Fantasy IX. I just can’t imagine how crazy I might go if I had other people to interact with and an enormous world to explore.