Dead Island PC Preodering Now Available

Deep Silver has announced that Dead Island is available for pre-purchase through Steam today for PC players, so whip out your wallet and get on top of that. For those of you who cannot wait for its 4-player co-op mode, there will be a bundle package that you can get your hands on (if you wish to go in on it with three of your other buddies) for $149.97. This bundle will give you four copies of the game, letting you and three of your friends get a copy of the game for $39.99 for the PC version. Regular version of Dead Island for PC will be $49.99.

Preordering Dead Island will give you the exclusive preorder weapon; the Ripper (a bat/buzzsaw), perfect for kicking zombie butt. You will also receive a copy of the first DLC pack, Bloodbath Arena, which a seperate game mode with four arenas where yu go up against waves of zombies and collect weapons, money and XP that you can carry back over to the regular game.

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