Dead Nation – Where Your Closest Friend Is your Shotgun

on August 18, 2009 4:25 PM

I’m a firm believer that shooting undead things isn’t fair.  Simply because the things move around with no motivation, they have the intellectual IQ of someone who just stumbled out of a sheep orgy, and they’re just… trying to get a bite to eat?  Okay.  I’m lying.  Shooting zombies in the face feels great.  You get no better sense of self-gratification than when you’re shooting and evading mobs of zombies as you try to fight for your dear life.  After you’ve accomplished this feat, you stand and pose as if you’ve rid the real world of hepatitis.  You yell curse words at your TV such as, “Yea, bitch! What now?” and breath heavily as if you’ve just ran a lap around god knows where with the Brazilian soccer team.  It just feels great.  And we’re going to keep getting that feeling because, for the millionth time, players will be taking out hordes… excuse me, nations of zombies in the PlayStation Network-exclusive title, Dead Nation.

Developed by Housemarque – the same developers that brought us the addicting Super Stardust HD – players will run around fighting for their dear lives as they try to rid the world of the zombie-infested areas that plague their very way of life.  If you think it’s your average Resident Evil-ish styled game, you’ll be pretty surprised.Big thanks to Joystiq for the video.

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