Cold War: How To Play Dead Ops Arcade In First Person

A whole new Dead Ops Arcade experience is here!

If the brand new Outbreak mode wasn’t enough Zombie action for you, don’t worry as a new update is now live in Cold War that adds a brand new first-person mode to Dead Ops Arcade! An update for Black Ops: Cold War went live on March 2, 2021 and made a lot of changes to Zombies. Check out a brief summary of the update in Treyarch’s tweet below, or if you’re looking for everything about the new Dead Ops Arcade mode, keep reading!

What Is Dead Ops Arcade?

Dead Ops Arcade was a Zombies mode that debuted in the original Black Ops game, and with the release of Black Ops: Cold War it’s now on its third iteration. Unlike the normal first-person Zombies mode, Dead Ops Arcade is a twin-stick top-down shooter. The mode does still have the same objective as the original Zombies, which is to survive as many rounds as possible.

Players don’t need to worry about ammunition or reloading, as the weapon supply is unlimited. But you will still be able to pick up different weapons and power-ups to assist you through the oncoming waves of Zombies.

How To Play Dead Ops Arcade In First Person

The first-person mode was originally introduced in Black Ops II but was in the form of a power-up the player could use for a set period of time.

Although the first-person mode was added with the Season 2 update, it was only available in private matches. But now with the latest Cold War update, players can play public matches of Dead Ops Arcade in first-person for as long as their heart desires!

When selecting Dead Ops Arcade there will now be a ‘first-person’ option underneath the original Dead Ops Arcade mode.

Cold War March 2 Update Notes

You can read the full patch notes on the Treyarch website, or read the bullet point summary of the Multiplayer and Zombies changes below:


  • Combined Arms
  • Adjusted Zone Capture time in Combined Arms Assault.


  • StabilityAdded various stability fixes for issues with Objectives, Jump Pads, Krasny Soldat, and the Dragon Relic.

    Fixed a crash that could occur when killing a Megaton HVT during the Elimination Objective.

  • GameplayThe Eliminate Objective no longer removes additional enemies between HVT jumps to better balance difficulty with other Outbreak Objectives.

    Addressed an issue with zombies pausing or pathing incorrectly to the Holdout Objective.

    Addressed an issue where the Krasny Soldat’s flamethrower attack would not deal damage under certain circumstances.

    Addressed an issue where the flashlight would stay on after spectating during the Holdout Objective.

  • PerksAddressed an issue where Tombstone Soda could cause the player to fall out of the gameplay space in Golova, Alpine, and Ruka.
  • SupportAddressed an issue where the Chopper Gunner could fly out of the gameplay space after multiple uses.


  • Addressed an issue where Ray Gun splash damage could break all Armor if the player had Jugger-Nog Tiers III, IV, and V.

Field Upgrades

  • Addressed an issue where Healing Aura incorrectly gained the benefit of Quick Revive’s Tier IV ability.
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