Dead Or Alive 5 Brings Tag Team Action Into the Fold, Unveils Tina and Jahn Lee

on July 19, 2012 7:02 PM

Team Ninja today revealed a new video vignette revealing an all-new tag mode in Dead or Alive 5. The tag team action trailer features the DoA cast engaging in fluid two-man (girl?) combos, dual throws, and hard-hitting partner setups, just one look at the shining wizard and you will be convinced that DoA5 is bringing the goods with this new mode. Tag mode will also feature unique entrances for special teams, a nice little bit of personality as

The video also reveals that Tina, Jahn Lee, and Lisa (La Mariposa) will be returning. With Bass, Mr. Strong, La Mariposa and Tina featured in this tag-team trailer, DoA is chock-full of wrestling goodness. To keep with the theme, Team Ninja also showed off the cage, an electrified ring in an arena packed with cheering crowds. Considering how entertaining DoA is shaping up to be, a stage to highlight the hype is only appropriate. You can view the trailer below.

To go along with the trailer, the Team Ninja also went on to detail the training and mission modes of DoA5. They noted that players will have control of more features than any previous iteration’s training mode, including but not limited to changing the opponent AI behavior, recording inputs, and adjusting recovery time from staggers. Mission mode will present players with various scenarios to teach them everything from the basics to the most advanced techniques. DoA is shaping up to be a real contender, players should look forward to picking it up this fall.


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