Dead or Alive 5 Plus Gets Touchy With Its Fights

Dead or Alive 5 Plus Gets Touchy With Its Fights

Team Ninja shared some new details on its upcoming PlayStation Vita fighter, Dead or Alive 5 Plus, which includes details on the game’s training modes and Touch Fight.

Touch Fight mode was created exclusively for this version of the game and allows players to attack opponents using simple taps and swipes on the Vita’s touchscreen alongside tradition controls. The combat for this mode occurs in a first person view that allows players to play in either a vertical or horizontal view.

Attacks are formed through the various taps and swipes with five-hit combos triggering a Critical Burst that leaves opponents open for more attacks. Characters react based on the area that is touched or swiped across. Players will be able to execute a variety of attacks by swiping in different directions on their opponent. Pinching on the screen allows for throws and holds to be initiated with a quick perspective change showing the throw cinematic.

The game will also feature several new training modes that include Free Training, Command Training, Tutorial, and Combo Challenge. Free Training allows players to choose moves and combos they want to practice while Command Training has players working on specific move sets to become familiar with. Tutorial takes new players through the basics and teaches advanced combos and strategies to use. Combo challenge has players working to pull off combos instinctively.

Dead or Alive fans will want to check out this version of the game when it hits the Vita to enjoy all the extra bells and whistles being added to the game.