Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets New Extended Trailer, Info, Screenshots

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets New Extended Trailer, Info, Screenshots

We heard a lot about the Japanese edition of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, and it’s finally time to talk a bit about the North American one, and Tecmo Koei just released a batch of info, a trailer and screenshots about it.

The game will come packed with new features, including Team Fight mode, the return of Survival mode items, improved training modes and nearly 1000 unlockable titles. You can read the official bullet points just below:

  •  Intense DOA Fighting: In DEAD OR ALIVE 5 ULTIMATE novice and expert fighters alike can improve on their skills with modes from DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS including “Move Details Plus” and a tutorial mode, letting them refine their fighting style with razor-fine precision.
  • Realistic and Sensual Graphics: Characters come alive with a visual style combining stunning realism with a warm, naturalistic feel—from raw power to sleek sensuality.
  • Dream Lineup: The biggest roster in DOA history! For the first time, the Dragon Shrine Maiden Momiji from the NINJA GAIDEN series joins the existing cast of DOA fighters, as well as additional characters yet to be announced.
  • Ultimate Tag: Improved Tag gameplay for even more over-the-top action in multi-character fights.
  • Dynamic New Interactive 3D Stages: More than a backdrop, spectacular locations from around the world include stages from the NINJA GAIDEN series as well as classics to provide changing and interactive arenas.
  • Signature DOA Finishing Moves: Power blows and the new power launcher cause even more mayhem, such as interactively triggering the Danger Zone of a stage, including crashing cars, collapsing glaciers, and an exploding oil rig—distract your opponent or drive them into danger.
  • Online Battles: Supporting online experience allows players to compete head-to-head in a variety of playing fields and battle modes.

We also learn that different retailers will get different preorder costumes from the three “Pop Idol” sets. Team D showcase Ayane and Kasumi in classic J-POP style; Team O has a schoolgirl-inspired set for Hitomi, Kokoro, Leifang and Mila, while Team A includes a seductive “bad girl” set for Helena, Lisa, Momiji, Rachel, Sarah and Tina.

Costumes obtained in Dead or Alive 5 can also be transferred over. Interestingly (or disappointingly) enough, the press release makes no mention of the sexy bikinis included in the Japanese collector’s edition.

Below you can see the new extended trailer and the screenshots released today, showcasing the costumes mentioned above and the new features (including the movie player that will allow to customize cutscenes with different costumes and various options) finally translated in English.