Dead or Alive 6 Shows Its Combat Mechanics and Features in New Trailer

Dead or Alive 6 Shows Its Combat Mechanics and Features in New Trailer

Dead or Alive 6 gives us a look at all of its gameplay mechanics and features in a brand new trailer amidst its open beta.

We’re a little less than two months away until the release of Dead or Alive 6. With new characters and game mechanics adding into the game, Koei Tecmo seems to be stepping up with this entry. And with the beta upon us today, Koei Tecmo fills you in with all the new features you need to know.

First off, Dead or Alive 6 shows off its “Triangle” combat system. Basically this is a rock-paper-scissors system where strikes beat throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes. There is also a “fury combo” system which are basically one button presses which create combos (similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ). We also see a “Break Blow” which looks like a counter hit that staggers your opponent briefly. There are also “Break Holds” which helps you recover and regain positioning on your opponent. Both of these “Break” moves use your Break gauge but prove to be a great way to mix up the pace of battle.

The trailer also gives detail on DOA Central, which is a shop of sorts. You can look up lore and information from the DOA series, as well as purchase new clothing and accessories for your favorite characters.

They also briefly mention the other gameplay mechanics including tutorial and training mode, DOA Quest, online battle, command training, arcade, and much more. With the extensive list of features like this, it looks like Dead or Alive 6 will give you your money’s worth of content.

If you want to try out the game now, you can download the online beta now for PS4 until January 14. I highly recommend checking it out so you can get a solid grasp on the mechanics. Though this game may be an arena brawler and have similarities to something like Tekken, Dead or Alive plays almost completely different in most ways.

You can also pre-order Dead or Alive 6 now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Amazon before its release on March 1.