Dead or Alive Creator Tomonobu Itagaki Comments on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Not Coming West: Isn't Happy

The denial of a western release for Dear or Alive Xtreme 3 caused many to comment, and Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki, who left Tecmo to work lead his own studio Valhalla Games in 2008, added his own quite relevant two cents across several posts on Facebook.

His first reaction was incredulous:

“Guys, I don’t know the truth, can’t understand, and even estimate.
Are they planning to sell DOAX3 only in Japan???
What the hell…..”

“Huh?? Why??? Are they chicken????”

…then came understanding, and the conclusion isn’t very flattering, to say the least:

“Okay, I understood. They’re not only moron but also Galapagosian Lolita Complexed Chicken.
That’s the truth. Thanks”

Following, he sent a message to all gamers, explaining his philosophy, and also talked about the necessity of creating new games and IPs instead of continuing to iterate on the work on one’s predecessors:

“To all gamers here,

Loving women / games produce a game worth to love / play….”

“They had / have to create Brand new game / IP at any rate.
I’ve established new IP called “Devil’s Third” while they’re sleeping.
If you’re professional, I have to say, you have to get up and back to the radical job. It’s not time for you to COPY, RE-COPY, and RE-RE-COPY your mentors’ works.”

Itagaki-san also mentioned that this whole issue could be an extreme marketing strategy:

“I have to say. This IS Xtreme selling strategy”

Lastly, he weighed on the lack (for now) of Jet Ski minigame, and on his doubts on whether the current team can create proper gambling personality for the casino.

“Where is jet ski game? That was the best activitiy in DOAX.
Can’t they even copy my algorithm??!? Sigh…”

“Guys, I really did my best to build game engine of Jet Ski in DOAX. (plus gambling simulator. lol)

Playing feel of the game looks very brutal. But in fact, my algorithm was really sensitive, so it was pretty hard to design new racing course, by setting buoys and objects. As result, I had to write some program code. That’s last code written by me in my life so far.

Plus, I had to design all courses by myself. I spent my physical power all night everyday, with my assistant, 杉山 忍 [Editor’s note: Shinobu Sugiyama, Game Designer on Dead or Alive Xtreme 2]. Sweet memories.

Anyway, do you think moron developers have craziness (oh no, I mean braveness) to make dead copies of my courses?

Go ahead, morons!
You don’t have to be afraid of anything anymore!!”

“Plus, I never believe they can add proper gambling personalities of new characters. Especially roulette. Average person never can understand gambling algorithms which true gambler gave to DOA characters… honestly.”

This isn’t the first time that Itagaki-san expresses dissatisfaction on how the Dead or Alive series is being handled, but to be fair, lack of western release aside, we’ll have to wait for February and see what the development team will manage to achieve.

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