Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Update 1.07 Is the Naughtiest Yet; Lets You Change Breast/Butt Size and Bounce [NSFW]

on June 16, 2016 3:36 AM

If you thought Koei Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 couldn’t become any naughtier, you were wrong, because today the publisher released patch 1.07, and it included more than the usual new bikini.

Don’t get me wrong: it did include two bikini sets, more precisely the Norimaki and Macchiato set, and the Norimaki set is definitely quite naughty. Yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. here are the patch notes.

DOAX3 (1)

On top of a raise of the level cap, and of the addition of new missions to increase variety a bit, a series of “skincare” lotions have been added. Below you can find a list and their effects.

  • Softening Gel – Increases breast bounce.
  • Softening Lotion – Increases breast size.
  • Softening Oil – Increases butt bounce.
  • Softening Liquid – Increases butt size.
  • Hardening¬†Gel – Decreases breast bounce.
  • Hardening Lotion – Decreases breast size.
  • Hardening Oil –¬†Decreases butt bounce.
  • Hardening Liquid – Decreases butt size.
  • Natural Oil – Resets to default conditions.

All lotions last only for a day, and you can apply up to three each, with cumulative effect. At level 110 you can unlock the “EX” version, but its specific effects are unknown. The number of lotions you can stack for each kind is also limited by the excitement level of each girl (IE: she needs to be at excitement level 3 to use the maximum of three potions).

If you’re wondering what the “premium wrapping” is, it’s basically a paid cheat. Anything purchased with premium tickets (IE: with real money) will be wrapped with premium wrapping, and will automatically be accepted by any girl.

Below you can see quite a few screenshots of the new items, and three videos. The first video was recorded on default size and bounce. The other two have size and bounce maxed. The difference is subtle, but definitely interesting.

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