Dead Reckoning Is the Next Card Crafting Board Game from AEG

Dead Reckoning met its funding goal in only 15 minutes, proving board game fans are desperate for fun, pirate-themed adventures.

AEG’s line of card crafting board games started off with Mystic Vale back in 2016. The publisher has expanded upon the mechanic with several expansions and the 2018 release Edge of Darkness. And now, the team is back with yet another addition to the line. Dead Reckoning takes the card crafting gameplay to the high seas.

Dead Reckoning is being billed as a “4X Swashbuckling Adventure” for up to four players. Each player assumes command of their own ship and its crew. Your goal is to amass the largest fortune by doing typical pirate things. You’ll trade, treasure hunt, and much more as you work toward your goal.

Players will have opportunities to upgrade their ship and crew through various methods. The crew cards are where the card-crafting comes into play. Essentially, this allows you to level up your squad as you’d do in a strategy game or RPG. Dead Reckoning also uses a fun battle system that incorporates a large cube tower that’s shaped like a ship. Not only does it add some randomization to the game, but it’s a great centerpiece for the action.

Personally, I’ve yet to play Edge of Darkness but have loved my time with my copy of Mystic Vale. It’s one of those games that I’m never begging my group to play, but when it does hit the table I thoroughly enjoy my time with it.

Dead Reckoning is live on Kickstarter for 24 more days at the time of this writing. The game funded in 15 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about it meeting its goal. As with every Kickstarter, release dates are subject to change. However, the game is currently slated for a May 2021 delivery.

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