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The first Dead Rising was a bit… gruesome. The survival horror takes protagonist Frank West, a photojournalist investigating why the fictional town of Williamette, Colorado, has been sealed off by the Colorado Army National Guard. Good ol’ Frank is dropped off on top of the city’s mall by a helicopter, tells the pilot to return in 72 hours, and then crap begins to hit the fan as he goes about beating the stuffing out of zombies with just about every object known to man. Your goal is to remain alive inside the zombie-infested mall for three days. The gameplay isn’t as long as one would hope. The time passes about twelve times faster than real time; ergo, the game will automatically end after six hours of gameplay when time runs out. So, basically, you frak undead things up for six hours, and then go home. It was as fun as throwing rocks at the visually impaired.

Dead Rising 2 has been announced. The release date? Who knows. Platforms? Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC. The rating? Hasn’t been announced yet, but I doubt it’s going to be anything below “M” for mature. Canadian developer Blue Castle Games takes the helm in developing Capcom’s sequel. Taking the zombie action to the fictional town of Fortune City (e.g. Las Vegas), newcomer Chuck Greene will find zombies to abuse throughout the city’s casinos, bars and shops. Just like its predecessor, Chuck will be able to make use of items that range from ‘traditional’ weapons like guns and swords, to the more improvised such as roulette wheels, croupier sticks (video below), wheelchairs, stuffed marlins and a whole bunch of other stuff. But wait, that’s not the best part. Charlie boy here will also introduce you to some unique weapons. One of which includes the paddle-saw (two chain-saws attached to either end of a canoe paddle).

Like the millions of the gullible Americans that inhabit North America, Chuck is gripped by the TV sensation that is Terror is Reality. Hosted by Tyrone King, Terror is Reality pits ordinary plebeians against an arena full of zombies with a simple challenge – kill more zombies than your opponents and stay alive. The lucky winner that survives the zombie-slaying orgy will collect a great deal of cash with a chance to come back and secure even greater prizes.

Dead Rising 2 allows players to experience this ridiculous show with a series of multiplayer challenges for up to four players via online play. Whether you’re jumping inside gargantuan hamster balls to mow down dimwitted zombies, or taking the arena on a motorbike with chainsaws for handlebars, the challenges will feature exactly the kind of over-the-top action and humor that Dead Rising is known for.

Below, we have supplied your with an uncanny amount of images and a video – which is hilarious, by the way – displaying the gruesome, yet fun, crap that you’ll be pulling off in Capcom’s second installment to the Dead Rising IP. Enjoy yourself, bitches.

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