Dead Rising 3 DLC and Demo Announced

on December 13, 2013 4:17 PM

Save the President from being zombie chow…. preferably with a motorcycle/steamroller hybrid bike. Today Capcom announced the release of new story DLC planned for Dead Rising 3.

In the DLC Operation Eagle you will be controlling Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane who is  tasked with rescuing the President in the zombie-infested city of Los Peridos. Some other extras you will also be receiving are  five extra weapons, one new combo weapon, another vehicle, and a new costume. Any XP that you earn in Operation Eagle will be carried into the main campaign.

The cost of the DLC will be $9.99 and will release on Christmas Eve. Operation Eagle will be part of Dead Rising 3‘s Season Pass along with three other planned DLCs. Above is the picture of Adam Kane in case you were wondering.

We also got received word that the Dead Rising 3 demo will be available today on Xbox One. Apparently the demo will give each gamertag on your console two 20-minute sessions of unrestricted play before prompting you to purchase the game. I would have preferred a prologue-style demo similar to Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

How do you guys feel about timed demos?

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