Dead Rising 3 to Feature Multiple Endings Along with Dynamic Leveling and Weapon Customization

on September 7, 2013 2:25 PM

While the previous mainline entries in Capcom’s zombie-killing series, Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, featured an open structure that let players do as they please, the Xbox One-exclusive Dead Rising 3 looks to bring just a little bit more choice to switch things up in the zombie devastation fest.

Mike Jones, a Capcom Vancouver producer assisting with the game’s development, confirmed new details about Dead Rising 3 and many of the new features being introduced into the game, include new leveling options and multiple outcomes for the game’s ending:

“There’s a handful of branching points that make a significant difference, and whether you’re able to play beyond the normal timeline or not. Previous Dead Risings would always have modes like the Overtime Mode, where you get to discover the truth behind everything that’s been going on. So there’s not just just the six days, we’re going beyond that if you make the right story decisions. So it’s not like choose-your-own-adventure crazy infinite endings, there’s a finite amount, but they all [correspond to] meaningful story decisions that you make as you play through.”

Dead Rising 3 will also introduce some new options in leveling the game’s protagonist, Nick, with new character categories where players can use attribute points to develop his various skills and abilities. Points can also be spent to advance Nick’s abilities with weapon-crafting and customization, allowing him to make items and weapons that may not normally be available, or making weapons from recipes much easier. Jones details weapon-crafting in Dead Rising 3: “you can combine anything with anything, anywhere.”

Dead Rising 3 releases as an exclusive launch title for Xbox One this coming November.

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