Dead Space 2 Demo Impressions

By Tyler Christensen

December 23, 2010

As you should have seen on Tuesday’s Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Store update, the demo for Dead Space 2 is now available and I must say that after playing it for a bit, I’m a little excited about the full release of this title. Just like some of you, I love survival horror games and I’m curious as to how the rest of Issac Clarke’s story is going to pan out. “Read More” for my full impression on Dead Space 2.

As the demo begins, we find ourselves being told about what happened to Issac after the first Dead Space story had ended. We, of course, get to play as Issac Clarke once again as he leaves USG Ishimura and finds himself waking up on a space station nearly three years later. The red artifact known as the Marker is still in full control, turning innocent and scared citizens into Necromorphs and mutated creatures of the deep space.

Once Issac wakes up from his three year coma, his mission is to find Diana’s team on the space station. Work your way through the dark and creepy hallways of the space station and kill any Necromorph you see. Along the way, you’ll need to use Stasis and Kinesis to help either move objects or freeze a large cluster of attacking enemies.

We are given four weapons as we make our way through the space weapons. Amongst our inventory of weapons is the plasma cutter, plasma rifle, line gun and the javelin gun. My favorite as of yet has to be the javelin gun. I mean, how awesome is it to be able to shoot a javelin at your attacker and pin them on a wall down on the other end of the hallway?! Sweet!

Issac will also need to hack computers in order to process through the space station hallways, as locked doors are sometimes a burden when trying to get somewhere fast. Hacking a computer is rather simple. From my experience while playing the Dead Space 2 demo on the PlayStation 3, I had to rotate the left joystick to find the blue weak points in the computer; once they are found, you’ll need to press “X” in order to get it hacked.

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For me, anti-gravity was the highlight of the demo, personally. It’s more advanced than what we are familiar with in Dead Space. It almost felt like Issac is now gliding through the atmosphere instead of leaping from one wall to another. A definite big improvement by Visceral Games, bravo! There really was a lot of smooth transitioning between when Issac would leave one surface to soar to another.

I did happen to die during the ending boss battle, and honestly I enjoyed it. The death scene was brutal, showing the creature jamming its spiked-leg into Issac’s mouth and out the other side. Purely demented, purely twisted and purely entertaining. I never thought that I’d ever say that I enjoyed dying in a video game before.

Of course, the ending of the demo will leave you at a cliffhanger and wanting more. This was definitely a fun demo, and I can image the full game when it releases on January 25th, 2011. So until then, let’s play the crap out of the demo.

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