Dead Space Creator Glen Schofield Says He'd Love to Make a Sequel One Day

The original Dead Space's executive producer seems interested in returning to the series if he could.

Over the past few years, Dead Space has likely been the EA franchise that fans have begged the publisher to create a new installment of the most. Ever since the release of Dead Space 3 back in 2013, the series has been dormant. Combined with the fact that Visceral Games, the studio behind all three mainline entries in the series has since closed, hope for a new Dead Space game has seemed to be waning.

Now, one of Dead Space’s original creators is talking about the franchise once again saying that he’d love to one day create a new entry in the series. Speaking to Game Informer, Dead Space’s original executive producer Glen Schofield was asked which property he has worked on throughout his career that he’d love to create a new installment in. Schofield answered that it would easily be that of Dead Space. He went on to also say that his vision of a new Dead Space game would likely be separate from what happened in the latter two entries in the series due to how complicated the lore became by the end of DS3.

When asked what a potential Dead Space 4 would look like in today’s games-as-a-service age that we’re living in, Schofield said that the look and vibe of a new installment probably wouldn’t change but more elements like co-op would probably have to be integrated further into the experience. Schofield also said that even though there has been a lot of talk about the death of single-player story-driven games as of late, he doesn’t believe they are dying. If anything, Schofield just said that he believes budgets are sometimes too high for certain projects when they don’t have to be.

Even if Schofield’s next project doesn’t end up being a Dead Space game specifically though, he defined his “dream game” as something that still has elements of what is found in Dead Space. Schofield said he’d love to make a sci-fi game of sorts featuring aliens that would also have splashes of horror mixed in. He also says he’s sure it would have an emphasis on shooting as well, considering shooters have defined a large part of his career.

Currently, Schofield is a free agent in the industry as he announced his leave from Activision this past December. After taking a break, Schofield says he will be returning to make games. Whether or not that return could culminate in a return to EA to create more Dead Space remains to be seen, but at the very least it seems like Schofield has some very intriguing ideas of what to develop in the future.

You can find the interview with Schofield about Dead Space below.

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