Dead Space: Talented Cosplayer Becomes Isaac Complete With Animated Health Bar

June 10, 2021

Amazing fan-made Dead Space Isaac cosplay complete with all the fixings.

Dead Space, which launched all the way back in 2008, has been deemed one of the scariest games ever to release. Many players couldn’t even get through the game due to the heart-pounding jump scares frequented throughout the title, especially so when you walked down those dark corridors with monsters popping out of vents.

12 years on from its release and players still talk about the traumatic moments they’ve experienced with creator Glen Schofield‘s survival horror but even so, the idea of the cult classic making a return, in some form, has caused a wave of excitement through the gaming world.


For those of you who crave some Dead Space nostalgia, you will be familiar with Isaac Clarke, former ship systems engineer who worked for the Concordance Extraction Corporation and was the playable protagonist of the Dead Space franchise.

Dead Space Isaac Clarke Cosplay

One Reddit user has created an Isaac Dead Space costume that’s so intricate and creative, that fans of the series will adore this talented cosplayers efforts.

Johnny, an artist and cosplayer from Atlanta Georgia, has designed his very own Dead Space cosplay that comes with a half-moon Stasis Module Energy indicator and a Health Management bar that runs up its spine. The spine even lights up with the amount of health that Isaac has left.

The cosplay has also been shared on Reddit that has seen the incredible costume receive 22k upvotes at this time of writing. If you’d like to see the Dead Space cosplay in action, check out the video below.

Ian Milham, art director on Dead Space, took to Twitter to share the cosplay and stated how it was the best he’s ever seen.


While we wait to see if Dead Space will actually make a comeback, a studio headed by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield will be releasing a new title called The Callisto Protocol at some stage next year where we can see the game carrying on the sci-fi horror torch from the classic franchise.


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