Deadbeat Heroes Picks Up New Publisher in Square Enix Collective

Deadbeat Heroes Picks Up New Publisher in Square Enix Collective

Today, publisher Square Enix Collective announced a new partnership with Deadbeat Productions to publish its 3D superhero brawler: Deadbeat Heroes. 

The following overview of Deadbeat Heroes is provided:

London. 1970. It’s the coolest place in the universe. Everything is changing. And that includes crime! A new strain of stop-at-nothing, super powered criminals is emerging and causing mayhem of a cataclysmic scale. Can anything stop them? Maybe. What the city needs is a new breed of superheroes. And that’s exactly what it’s getting.

Deadbeat Heroes is a Movement based 3D brawler where you (and a friend) dodge bullets, steal super powers and crack wise. You play as the new wave of ‘Deadbeat Heroes’. Not born with their own powers, they are armed with a prototype super gauntlet – which has the ability to ‘borrow’ the powers of others. You will (both) vie to win the hearts of the public with your amazing derring do, while not getting shot, sliced, lasered, exploded, vaporized, eaten…

Deadbeat Productions was formed by ex-Lionhead and Rockstar developers Adam Langridge and Imkan Hayati. Notably the team also recruited BAFTA-winning writer James Leach to aid in the writing of Deadbeat Heroes, which is said to be heavily influenced by arcade beat-em-ups and 60s/70s comics.

Phil Elliott, Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix London accompanied the announcement with the following statement:

“Deadbeat Productions’ debut title Deadbeat Heroes is a fantastic demonstration of this team’s talent. Their AAA development pedigree and first-class writing result in a ‘proper’ 3D fighter that’s immensely colourful and often hilarious. Square Enix Collective is very happy to be working with Deadbeat Productions to release Deadbeat Heroes”.

Adam Langridge, Director at Deadbeat Productions added:

“Deadbeat Heroes is a game that we’ve always dreamed of making. We are delighted that the Square Enix Collective team, with their experience, vision and passion believe in the gameplay, style and…  well… daftness of Deadbeat as much as we do”.

Deadbeat Heroes is in development for Xbox One and PC. It is currently without a release a date. But it does have some debut screenshots, which you can check out below: