Deadly Premonition 2 Patch Rewrites Controversial Scene, Bristling Critics

Despite claiming the transphobic issues were fixed, Swery has come under fire for the "awkward" nature of the patch.

Last week Deadly Premonition 2 director Hidetaka Suehiro, better known as Swery, came under fire for certain transphobic issues within the game. These issues included protagonist Francis York Morgan calling a transgender character by their deadname. He stepped up and apologized to players on Twitter and promised that he would “rewrite that scene ASAP.”

Fast-forward to this week and a patch has been implemented and followed up by another tweet by Swery. In the tweet, he stated that “The scenario where the problem occurs has been fixed” adding that the patch “didn’t change the important point of the story.” The full statement from the patch can be seen in the tweet below.

Swery has since been scrutinized for these changes by journalist Laura Kate Dale, who gave a rundown on what had actually been patched out in the update. She revealed that “One line of dialogue, where York deadnames Lena as a “Gotcha”, is awkwardly cut.” and that “Basically nothing else changed.” She goes on to add that Lena is still referred to, by York, as “a man, a brother, a son, he, him, without him being corrected.”

These are far from the full-scale changes that the contingency of players were hoping for. Laura’s tweets also prompted a response from game director Swery who explained that it was a “misunderstanding” before retorting “Please don’t use my children (Video Games) for YOUR propaganda.”

The original tweet has since been deleted with Swery apologizing for his “poor English skills” and saying that the word propaganda “is not fit to use…”

With that said, Swery does touch on a point about differentiating between transphobic content and acknowledging an often inherently anti-LGBTQ world. In a same sense that many TV shows and movies use racism as a centering plot point in acknowledging an aggressive world view, so too does Swery hope to capture that in Deadly Premonitions 2:

Here’s hoping this interaction clarifies that further changes are needed in Deadly Premonition 2.

Aside from this one scene, Swery did confirm other changes within the patch that include fixing some existing bugs and glitches and partially fixing the framerate, before adding that the do plan to “gradually improve it” further.

Although it has had its problems, we scored Deadly Premonition 2 a 9/10 in our review, noting that it is a “page-turner”. The game is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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