Dean Hall: Decision to Port DayZ to Consoles Likely to be Made Before the End of the Year

on February 25, 2014 12:44 PM

Dean Hall may be leaving Bohemia Interactive, but development on DayZ‘s full release on Steam will most certainly continue without him. The question remains however, will the popular game see a release on consoles? Mr. Hall seems to think that we will know either way within the year.

“So we have been talking. A lot of it has been mainly meetings. I’d say that we’ll be continuing to look into that, and stuff will definitely develop there,” Mr. Hall told Eurogamer, “I would be surprised if we hadn’t made a decision by the end of the year.” He added that if the outcome were positive, there would be quite a few hurdles for the development team to overcome, but that, “there would be, naturally, some changes. I don’t think they’d be super-huge, and I don’t think Microsoft or Sony would want them to be different, because they would just want DayZ on their things…People rip on Microsoft and Sony but actually, when meeting with them, they’re definitely legitimately interested in DayZ.”

DayZ recently entered its open-Alpha phase on December 16th, 2013.

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