Full Motion Adventure Game Death Come True Announced by Danganronpa’s Kazutaka Kodaka

Full Motion Adventure Game Death Come True Announced by Danganronpa’s Kazutaka Kodaka

Live-action adventure game Death Come True is written and directed by Kazutaka Kodaka, will feature meaningful choices impacting its story.

Kazutaka Kodaka teased on Twitter on December 8 he’ll be announcing one of his new games this December 9. The announcement turned out to be for Death Come True, an action-adventure full motion game. As in, the game uses real actresses and actors. Kazutaka Kodaka, the creator of the Danganronpa series, is writing and directing Death Come True.
A teaser official site for Death Come True was opened, and more information such as the game’s cast, price, platforms, and a teaser trailer will be sporadically revealed there. For now, the teaser site has a countdown ending on December 10, and we’ll learn about the main cast then. An official Twitter account was opened too.

Death Come True is described with the phrases: “Is this a movie, or a game?” and “the story evolves with your choices”, meaning it’ll have meaningful choices and multiple routes, like most visual novels/adventure games. The choice to go for live-action is also pretty interesting and makes me think of how Kodaka seems to be one of those developers like Kojima who wish to merge games and movies together.
In his teasing tweet we linked beforehand, Kazutaka Kodaka also mentioned Death Come True is a game in which he put “tons of feelings”, so I’m personally looking forward to hearing more.

Kodaka also mentioned Death Come True‘s official abbreviation is Desukamu/Death Come. The official hashtag is #DCT.

Death Come True is being developed by Izanagi Games, meaning the game will definitely launch worldwide. They’re promoting the game in both Japanese and English too, just like all their works.

Izanagi Games is also publishing Death March Club, scheduled to launch in 2020. Death March Club has Kazutaka Kodaka as its creative director and Kotaro Uchikoshi as its scenarist and director. We interviewed the game’s team, Too Kyo games, in the past.

Izanagi Games is also the publisher of Yurukill, a shoot’em up developed by G.rev, with visual novel parts by Kakegurui‘s author Homura Kawamoto, an OST by Monster Hunter‘s Yuko Komiyama and character design by Another‘s Hiro Kiyohara.