Death Come True by Danganronpa’s Kazutaka Kodaka Includes Yuki Kaji, Win Morisaki in Its Cast

Death Come True by Danganronpa’s Kazutaka Kodaka Includes Yuki Kaji, Win Morisaki in Its Cast

Kazutaka Kodaka shouldn't worry that much about Death Come True bombing when he's got Yuki Kaji, one of the most popular seiyuu ever, and Win Morisaki.

Izanagi Games revealed another part of the cast in Death Come True, the FMV game by Danganronpa‘s Kazutaka Kodaka: popular seiyuu Yuki Kaji is in the game, along with singer and actor Win Morisaki.

First off is Yuki Kaji, who plays the concierge of the hotel where the game’s protagonist Makoto wakes up in. The concierge is unnamed. He’s a mysterious character who always stays calm and never lets his emotions out. It seems like he also knows the secrets of the hotel.

Yuki Kaji is one of the most popular seiyuu ever. He’s voicing Eren in Attack on Titan, Todoroki Shoto in My Hero Academia, Silver Crow in Accel World, and Kanato Sakamaki in Diabolik Lovers, among many other roles.

Next is Win Morisaki, who plays Nozomu Kuji, an elite police investigator who solved many cases in the past. Nozomu has a cool personality and does things at his own pace. He’s currently chasing after our protagonist Makoto, who is seemingly a serial killer.

Death Come True is about how Makoto, played by Kanata Hongo, wakes up in a hotel with no memory of his past. Makoto is wanted as a serial killer, and each time he dies, he does a time leap, going back in time and waking up in the hotel again. Makoto will have to make various choices and use his time travel power to find out the truth.

Comments from Yuki Kaji were shared by Izanagi Games:

Yuki Kaji: I felt that this content can deliver an experience that allows players to feel something new by combining the appeal of games and dramas together. The role that I played as the concierge was a kind of character that was integral to the story. I was honored to be assigned such an important role. I would be happy if the expressive power of my voice also added to the role I played in this project. I hope you will all be looking forward to the release of this game!

DCT Producer Shinsuke Umeda also heavily praised Yuki Kaiji’s acting on Twitter.

Comments from Win Morisaka were also shared:

I was thrilled as an actor to be a part of this unique project and I truly enjoyed acting for it. While acting out the various storylines, the project made me dream so much that I actually wanted to live out different time axes in the real world. I believe that since the acting is being done by real people, a lifelike world is fleshed out and more players can enter into this world. Why not dive into the various choices and live out the extravagant amount of various storylines alongside us!


Yuki Kaji’s management’s official Twitter also shared a photo of himself along with cast members Chiaki Kuriyama and Kanata Hongo. These were the two cast members in Death Come True revealed before Yuki Kaji and Win Morisaki. Hongo is the protagonist Makoto, Kuriyama is police investigator Akane.

You can read more about Death Come True, with more comments from the cast, in our previous articles on the game.

Death Come True is releasing worldwide in 2020, tentatively on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and PC.