Death Come True Reveals Its Story Pitch, Comments from Kazutaka Kodaka, Lead Actor Kanata Hongo

Death Come True Reveals Its Story Pitch, Comments from Kazutaka Kodaka, Lead Actor Kanata Hongo

Kazutaka Kodaka jokingly mentioned he expects Death Come True to flop and sell 35 copies.

Izanagi Games revealed more on Death Come True, the full motion adventure game written and directed by Danganronpa‘s Kazutaka Kodaka. The game’s main character was revealed, along with a story pitch, and comments from Kodaka himself.

Death Come True‘s main character is Makoto Karaki, played by Hongo Kanata. In the story, Makoto Karaki wakes up in a hotel, with a severe case of amnesia, not remembering anything. Makoto also has the power to time leap when dying, going back to when he wakes up in the hotel. Makoto also has one last problem: according to the TV news, he’s wanted as the prime suspect of a serial murder case. Death Come True will deal with how Makoto uses his time leap power to find out the truth about his current situation and himself.

This definitely isn’t an original story pitch, but I personally don’t think it’s a problem. It’s how it’s handled and executed that will make or break the story. Makoto is a pretty common name, so Death Come True‘s protagonist being named Makoto shouldn’t necessarily mean he’ll be similar to Danganronpa‘s Makoto. However, Kanata Hongo did play Makoto in the Danganronpa stage plays, and Kodaka mentioned it in the comments we’ve translated further below, so they might turn out to be similar.

Kanata Hongo shared some comments on the game. He mentioned adventure games with meaningful choices and live-action actors are pretty rare. He also mentioned using real actors enables the game to show certain emotions and types of acting hard to reproduce with 3DCG. So we should look forward to his acting in Death Come True.

Comments from Kazutaka Kodaka were also published. He mentioned Death Come True is an idea he got because he really wanted to make something that can’t be considered either a game or a movie. Kodaka also mentioned he initially dreamed to work in the movie industry before making games. He jokingly said probably no one cares about him doing a full-motion game and he only expects to sell 35 copies worldwide. All bought by his relatives.
Kazutaka Kodaka also mentioned he’s happy to be working with Kanata Hongo again, as he voiced Ryota Mitarai in the Danganronpa series and played Makoto in the stage plays.
Kodaka also wrote a long, joke story, which basically explains that he supposedly never wrote Death Come True‘s script for various reasons but the game was shot anyway. Meaning all of Death Come True is supposedly improvisation shot without a script. However, it ended up into something great because Kanato Hongo and the unrevealed cast are awesome.

Kazutaka Kodaka also shared a pic of himself with Kanata Hongo. The tweet most notably mentions he asked Hongo to act Death Come True‘s Makoto because he thought he’d fit the game’s scenario and themes well.

The next update for Death Come True will be on December 13 at 17:00 JST (Click here for time conversions). We’ll learn more about another character(s) then. Death Come True will launch sometime in 2020, the platforms and a teaser trailer will be revealed later.