Death End re;Quest Gets New Screenshots Showing Dungeon Exploration, Bug Skills

Idea Factory released new screenshots for Compile Heart's PS4 exclusive RPG Death end re;Quest, showing dungeon exploration and the girls' Bug Skills.

Idea Factory published new screenshots for PS4 exclusive RPG Death End re;Quest, showing the game’s dungeon exploration and each character’s Bug Skills.

Arata Mizunashi, Death End re;Quest‘s main character, is a game developer, whose friend Shina Ninomiya is stuck in World’s Odyssey, the game they created together. As such, the player can use bugs in World Odyssey to help Shina and her NPC party members. You can read the full summary of the game’s story here.

Shina and the other girls each possess a unique Bug Skill, which allows them to get to normally unreachables places in dungeons:

  • Shina: Spider Rodeo – Creates webs to leap onto large-scale platforms
  • Lily: Melissa Poison – Removes vines that cover doorways.
  • Al: Armo On – Creates a force-field of bugs that protects from poison bogs and pools of lava.
  • Clea: Avalanche – Removes bugs that have bunched together to block doorways.
  • Lucil: Specto Search – Materializes pathways that have been previously removed.
  • Celica: Air Ride – Harnesses the power of buggies to fly across large gaps or chasms.

The game’s official site was also updated with new details for Clea and Celica and their Glitch Mode forms. You can find the screenshots below. You can watch the previous trailer here which details the game’s battle system, and here’s the opening animation sequence for the game.

Death end re;Quest already released in Japan back in April, and I’ve heard many good things about it, mainly thanks to its peculiar battle system and the multiple-ends story written by Corpse Party‘s Makoto Kedouin. It’s the first Compile Heart game part of the Galapos RPG brand that managed to hype me this much.

Death end re;Quest will release in North America on February 19 and Europe on February 22. It is exclusive to PS4 in both regions. The game will release in both physical and digital forms, and it will include both Japanese and English voices.

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