Death End Re;Quest Gets New Gameplay Video Detailing Battle System

Death End Re;Quest Gets New Gameplay Video Detailing Battle System

Compile Heart launched a new Death End Re;Quest gameplay video showing off more of the game's battle system and characters.

Continuing their preview series of gameplay videos, Compile Heart launched a developer commentary video for their upcoming RPG Death End Re;Quest.

The video goes into detail about Death End Re; Quest’s battle system and how players will be able to execute actions during combat. Similar to the more recent Neptunia releases, players are able to fully run around the battle arena and position their party around the enemy then take their turn. During a character’s turn, players will be able to execute a Command Skill where they can choose up to three consecutive skills to unleash and create a combo. Additionally, items can be used as well as normal attacks.

Death End Re;Quest follows the main protagonist named Arata Mizunashi who received an email from a woman that supposedly went missing one year prior. Evidentally, Arata learns that she is trapped in a virtual world called “World’s Odyssey”, which is the title of a canceled MMORPG and she needs Arata’s help in order to escape.

In case you missed other entries in the video series, you can check out a gameplay video showing more of the battle system and also a video detailing the game’s glitch gimmick from the dungeons.

Death end re;Quest aimed to release on March 1 but was delayed to April 12th. Currently, no western release has been announced at the moment.

You can check out the new gameplay video below: