PS4 Exclusive Death end re;Quest Gets New Screenshots; Reveals New Waifus on Famitsu

PS4 Exclusive Death end re;Quest Gets New Screenshots; Reveals New Waifus on Famitsu

Compile Heart shows more of its upcoming JRPG for PS4 Death end re;Quest, and reveals the inevitable new waifus.

Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu came with a new spread on Compile Heart’s recently-announced JRPG Death end re;Quest.

We get the introduction of three new waifus… ahem… NPCs that will help our hero and heroine during their adventure.

Claire Grave is a vendor NPC who developed her own hearth and having become friends with the heroes. She can be troublesome, but when she stands to gain from the outcome, she can be a very reliable companion.

Celica Clayton is an NPC adventurer of outstanding talent. Her charisma is enormous and everyone in World-Odyssey know her name. Thanks to the bugs, she has her own mind and joins the party at an inn along the road. Normally Celica is a battle-hardened individual thirsting for adventures, wielding a huge sword larger than her own body, but at times she shows her feminine side.

Al Astra is an NPC adventurer with a bright and cheerful personality, with strong emotions and consciousness. The heroes helped her when she was dying of hunger, so she became their friend.

We also get to see more views of the world, with all locations affected by glitches and turned more dangerous. Bugs affect battle too, for instance by knocking an enemy against a glitch, you’ll purge both, but touching bugs will raise the level of contamination of your characters. While that can be a problem, it can also be advantageous as it can trigger a specific powered state in which the character will fight more effectively.

World-Odyssey is infested by plenty of enemies. If their contamination value exceeds a certain threshold they will also be overtaken and their power will become overwhelming. It’s important to pay attention to their contamination value on top of their HP and actions.

You can check out the images below, and if you want to see more, you can also check out, you can also watch the first trailer, a behind-the-scenes video giving a further glimpse on 3D models, UI and more, and enjoy the first screenshots.

Death end re;Quest is in development for PS4, with no announced release window.