PS4 Exclusive Death end re;Quest Gets First Direct Feed Screenshots Showing Characters and World

PS4 Exclusive Death end re;Quest Gets First Direct Feed Screenshots Showing Characters and World

Compile Heart finally shows the first screenshots of its recently-announced JRPG for PS4 Death end re;Quest.

Today Compile Heart updated the official website of its upcoming JRPG Death end re;Quest, including information and the first direct feed screenshots of the game.

The game tells the story of Programmer Shin Mizunashi, who receives a mail from Shiina Ninomiya, a the Game Director of Worlds-Odyssey, a virtual reality MMORG the development of which had been put on hold due to her disappearance the year before. The surprising mail explained that she was lost in her own game.

Shin analyzes the servers, finding programs that should have been deleted still active. They have been rewritten to the extent that their original form cannot be recognized. In this world full of bugs, Shiina is found to be the only registered “player.”

He tries to contact Shiina, who cannot logout from the game, and they will have to search for clues inside and outside the virtual world with the help of sentient NPCs in order to help her out.

We also get to meet a few characters, including the hero  Shin Mizunashi, who will try to modify the game from the real world, fixing various bugs, but will be entangled in various incidents across both realities.

Shiina Ninomiya was the original Director and Producer of Worlds-Odyssey (basically, Shin’s boss), and she suddenly went missing after being trapped in the glitched game. She lost her memory for a whole year, unable to log out and return to reality.

Lily Hoopus is an NPC within Worlds-Odyssey, and the princess of a country named Heartis. She has emotions and consciousness that should not be possible for an NPC, and she asks Shin to save her father, King Heartis.

Lucille Fiareete is an half-elf NPC, also coming with her own consciousness and emotions. Normally elves are sensible, bu Lucille is anything but. She is a little mysterious girl, always absent minded.

Finally, Lipka is a mysterious existence that suddenly appeared in Worlds-Odyssey, driven only by murderous intent.

If you want to see more, you can also watch the first trailer, and a behind-the-scenes video giving a further glimpse on 3D models, UI and more.

Death end re;Quest is in development for PS4, with no announced release window.