Death Squared to be Unboxed on the Switch on July 13th: Four-Sided Launch Trailer Included

Death Squared to be Unboxed on the Switch on July 13th: Four-Sided Launch Trailer Included

Death Squared, the single/multiplayer co-op game about wrangling robotic cubes, is joining the console party with a July 13th Switch launch date.

Sydney based SGS Studio celebrated the cube today with a launch trailer for the Switch version of Death Squared. This co-op puzzle game will be hitting Nintendo’s hybrid console on July 13th, joining the already released PC, Xbox One, and PS4 versions. While no price was given in the studio’s press release, it most likely will be similar to the $19.99 USD amount found on the game’s Steam page.

This single and multiplayer experience has players trying to keep their cubic, robot avatars alive and specifically corralled. Each level has a colored circle that is the goal for the corresponding character. Of course there will be your usual hazards such as giant moving spikes, rolling pins of death, and machines that spit out electricity. These bolts are red, green, blue, and yellow to match the different robot cubes, and will only destroy players of a different color.

With the above examples of death-bringers, it’s not surprise the 2 player co-op mode will challenge gamers’ communication skills. The trailer shows examples of simultaneous stacking and shielding to keep things tense and interesting. And to add even more chaos, the four player party mode (surprisingly, there’s no 3 player option) where everything is thrown at you. Or, to put it into the devs own words:

“Each robot must make it to their respective color-coded waypoint, navigating past deadly devices like spikes, lasers and other nefarious traps. While one false move can spell death for the entire team, as every player must survive to progress, every misstep comes with newfound knowledge and an instant respawn to put that information to use.”

The amount of stages include: 80 story levels (for 1-2 co-operative play), 40 party levels (4 co-operative play), and 30 ‘vault’ levels that were deemed too difficult for the main game. There’s enough content to keep players going for a while, especially with their friends.

On top of this, the Switch version will also have exclusive stages not featured in any of the other versions. The amount of these puzzles was not given but it sounds like they will be added to the other vault levels to push the difficulty even further.

The launch trailer is available below with some decent reaction shots of people playing. However, the ending dialogue is definitely worth the short wait: