Death Stranding May Have Been Flaunting its Release Date Since 2016

Have we been looking at the release date for Death Stranding all along?

Update: The article was updated with the original Tweeter’s tweet.

The Death Stranding hype train doesn’t seem to stop. As we’ve been getting closer and closer to the launch date of Kojima Productions’ upcoming celebrity walking simulator we’ve been seeing celebrity cameo announcements, talks on Hideo Kojima’s next project, and the lessons that can be learned from the title that doesn’t really make much sense.

So how about we cast our minds back to 2018? Remember when Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to post a great deal of weird and cryptic tweets? The entire social media scene went ablaze with assumptions and theories hoping to unravel hidden meanings. Users were manipulating images, cutting and rearranging, creating double exposures. All because everything that Kojima apparently does has hidden messages behind them.

So, what happened in 2016? According to Twitter user _CMwalsh, the release date for Death Stranding has been hidden in plain sight and no one noticed until now.

According to Chris, during the logo segment of the E3 2016 reveal trailer, there are 11 letters that are connected by 8 strands. While “Death Stranding” has 14 characters in total, three of the letters haven’t been touched by the strands in the logo. This all links up to November 8.

I mean, it’s certainly what the internet meme people call a reach, but how incredible would it be if this was Kojima’s plan all along? However, video game production is never that precise, so unless there was some incredibly calculated plan with no issues in development, I think this may just be a coincidence. The game only went Gold back in September and it has been…hanging around for the release date.

Perhaps it’s worth nudging Kojima himself and asking if this was intentional, and one of the best hidden release dates I’ve seen?

Death Stranding is due to launch on November 8 for PS4, and then next year on PC in Summer 2020. We will have a review on it at some point post-launch.

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