Death Stranding: Kojima Productions Comments on Half Anniversary

Kojima Productions celebrated the six month anniversary since the release of Death Stranding on PS4 with a touching message published on Twitter.

Kojima Productions published a tweet celebrating the 6 month anniversary of Death Stranding. The tweet also encourages people around the world to not loose hope in face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here’s a quick translation: “It’s been 6 months since the release of Death Stranding. Seeing everyone around the world enjoying the game and connecting with each other is our greatest joy. The world is still in a difficult situation, but tomorrow is in our hands. Let’s live today to the fullest, so we can connect to tomorrow.”

Kojima Productions was formed by Hideo Kojima and ex Konami employees in 2015. Death Stranding is Kojima Productions’ first project since then, launched on November 8, 2019, on PlayStation 4. The game has been pretty well received overall, and it has a pretty devoted following, with fan art and cosplay. A PC version will be launching on July 14, 2020. While nothing is confirmed yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if Death Stranding released on PS5 too.

Personally speaking, I haven’t got the occasion to try out Death Stranding yet. I’d like to but I simply don’t have the time. The game does seem pretty interesting. If you’re unsure about trying out Death Stranding, you can check out our review. If you already cleared Death Stranding, I’d recommend reading the comments from Kojima and the Japanese cast. Maybe you’ll notice some story hints they brought up back then.

As Death Stranding is celebrating its half anniversary, Kojima Productions is planning to work on multiple new projects. Hideo Kojima already shared multiple ideas he’d like to put into motion as well.  I hope one of these turns out to be a Zone of the Enders spiritual successor.

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