BB Gives Guillermo del Toro the Middle Finger in Death Stranding

BB Gives Guillermo del Toro the Middle Finger in Death Stranding

BB doesn't seem to like Deadman as this cutscene shows.

Death Stranding is certainly causing quite the discourse online. Players are going through the game and noticing small details, laughing at certain choices such as going to the toilet standing or sitting down, and enjoying or disliking the vast hiking experience.

Well now, a screenshot from one of the cutscenes from the game which features Guillermo del Toro’s character, Deadman shows the famously known container baby, BB giving his character the middle finger. Upon closer inspection from the screenshot from Sirus Gaming the fingers match up to indeed be flipping the bird.


I decided to get even more involved in this and found a walkthrough from the content creator “theRadBrad”. This resulted in going through the cutscene sections until I found the cutscene that takes place in Part 3 of the walkthrough series. I won’t throw in any spoilers here, but it takes place with Sam Porter coming back from what appears to be the first major delivery and having a conversation with Deadman.

death stranding middle finger

You can see the section from the cutscene at this timestamp (4:59) and it’s only a brief shot and fairly easy to miss. Sam hands over BB saying “Go f*** yourself, I’m not your errand boy” which results in a close-up shot of BB very clearly flipping the bird. This is just another small detail added to Death Stranding that people are discovering the more they play the game.

In any case, it’s worth noting that I do know this is probably the most random post you’ll see regarding the game today. But at least it’s something you can laugh at and then keep eyes peeled for any other small details throughout the game if you’re playing it. Some comic relief from a busy day perhaps?

We will be sharing thoughts on the game when we have a review ready to go up, but for now, Death Stranding is available on PS4 and will be landing on PC next year on Steam and the Epic Games Store.