Hideo Kojima Touches on Trump, Brexit, and Lessons in Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima discussed loneliness and how UK and US politics resonate with Death Stranding

Death Stranding appears to be about more than flying whales, poop grenades, and celebrity cameos. At least that’s what Hideo Kojima from Kojima Productions tells BBC Newsbeat presenter Steffan Powell.

As he has been doing for numerous months, Kojima links his upcoming game Death Stranding to the theme of connection. This is demonstrated through the game’s “Strand” system that finds players being able to traverse the world and leave behind helpful structures such as zip-lines. These objects can then be used in another player’s world, and if used, those players have made a connection.

“We may be connected through the internet more than ever, but what’s happening is that people are attacking each other because we’re so connected,” Kojima tells Powell, in his interview.

He also goes on to use the current political state of the UK and US as examples of breaking connections. “President Trump right now is building a wall. Then you have Brexit, where the UK is trying to leave, there are lots of walls and people thinking only about themselves in the world.”

“In this game we use bridges to connect things but destroying those bridges can instantly turn them into walls. So bridges and walls are almost synonymous. That’s one of the things I’d like the players to think about in the game.”

“After spending dozens of hours in the game you will come back to reality in the end. When you do, I want you to use what you learned in the game. Connecting is one of those things.”

It wasn’t just current politics that helped shape Kojima’s latest game. The behind the scenes documentary shows Kojima explaining why the game feels so lonely, bringing to light his personal experience and stating “I’m very prone to loneliness”. He goes on to explain

“I think there are similar people around the world, especially gamers. Even though they’re having fun with others outside when they are alone and playing video games in their living room they don’t feel like they fit into society or their community. So when those people play this game they realize people like them exist all over the world. Knowing that even though I’m lonely, there are other people like me makes them feel at ease, that’s what I would like for them to feel when playing the game.”

Death Stranding is due to launch on PS4 on November 8, however, it will be arriving on PC next year during Summer 2020.

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