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Death Stranding Artwork Shows Initial BT Concepts and Unused Designs

Several pieces of concept art showed some of the initial ideas and designs for what the BTs could have looked like in Death Stranding.

By Ryan Meitzler

January 31, 2020

While the game itself received some mixed reception for its storytelling and gameplay, Hideo Kojima’s long-awaited Death Stranding arguably delivered on creating an intriguing new world to explore for players. That especially is tied to the game’s memorable creatures and enemies like the BTs, the supernatural beings with ties to the realm of the living and the dead that Sam Porter Bridges had to avoid throughout his journey in Death Stranding. While the BTs were already frightening enough in the final game, some of the initial art and designs that went into making them show that Kojima Productions seemed to have even more horrifying visions for them than what we saw in the game.

Over on the Death Stranding subreddit, images from the upcoming The Art of Death Stranding artbook revealed some of the sketches and concept art that went into the making of the game. Specifically, some of the most interesting segments from the book were shared by user Belakor110 on the creation and designs of the game’s haunting adversaries, the BTs (otherwise known as “Beached Things”).

The pages from the book itself show a number of the concepts and initial designs that the game’s development team at Kojima Productions had for the BTs. As you can tell, initially it seems like the BTs were meant to be far more horrifying and grotesque than what we ended up seeing in the final version of the game. In some of the descriptions accompanying the artwork, Kojima Productions initially thought that basing the BTs on actual creatures “felt scarier and more convincing” after trying out different concepts that were more “abstract.” One of the pages highlights a concept that Kojima Productions had for the BTs to be modeled after “corpses of stranded animals,” to show how “their bones are emerging after having been stranded for some time.”

After finishing Death Stranding at the end of last year, personally I felt the BTs were one of the most striking elements of the game and its world, and seeing the initial concepts and designs for the creatures makes it interesting to see how the development team at Kojima Productions approached bringing the BTs to life. Given their role in the story and setting of Death Stranding, it will be interesting to see the rest of the concepts and designs of the game in the full artbook, which will debut in February.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4, and will be coming to PC sometime this summer from 505 Games. If you have yet to experience the game for yourself, you can pick it up right now over on Amazon for PS4.

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