Death Stranding Gets New Commercial Ahead of Launch

Death Stranding Gets New Commercial Ahead of Launch

Get a look at the latest CGI trailer for Death Stranding which quickly explains the game's premise.

While we know that a new launch trailer for Death Stranding is currently in the works, Sony today opted to release a new commercial for the game to continue building momentum towards next month’s release.

The new ad, entitled “The Drop”, is entirely in CGI and features Death Stranding’s protagonist Sam Porter Bridges. Norman Reedus, who plays Bridges, accompanies the footage seen in the video with a voice over that largely explains the main premise of the game. We also see a few action sequences play out which are similar to those we’ve seen in gameplay snippets from Death Stranding.

It’s pretty standard for Sony to release ads of commercials such as this before the launch of one of their major first-party titles. If you don’t remember all the way back to last year, Sony released another ad that looks similar to this one from a visual standpoint for God of War. That commercial was about a minute in length as well and played on TV frequently leading up to the game’s launch. If I had to imagine, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of this new Death Stranding video in the coming weeks during football games and such.

Death Stranding is set to release exclusively on PS4 next month on November 8. While we likely won’t have a review out right at embargo, stay tuned in the days after release to hear what we think about Hideo Kojima’s latest project.