Death Stranding Cosplay Portrays Fragile in an Incredible Apocalyptic Photoshoot

Death Stranding Cosplay Portrays Fragile in an Incredible Apocalyptic Photoshoot

Cosplayer Frau Haku takes on Death Stranding's Fragile and smashes it out of the park.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, cosplayers have been at the short end of the stick when it comes to showcasing their wonderful costumes at gaming and cosplaying events. Thankfully, that will never stop them from displaying their incredible creations and by being careful, they are still able to capture their hard work through the medium of photography. Even though Death Stranding released on PS4 last year in November and then on PC in July this year, Fragile – the founder of Fragile Express from Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding – continues to be a very popular choice and today, we welcome Frau Haku to the DualShockers gallery of amazing cosplayers as she steps into the shoes of the cryptobiote devourer herself.

Olga, otherwise known as Frau Haku or Haku on social media, is a Russian cosplayer who has taken the persona of many characters over the years of her cosplaying career. Slipping inside the minds of well-known characters like Jesse Faden from Control, Ciri from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Ashe from Overwatch and so many others, but today it’s the controlled and intelligent Fragile from Death Stranding. As you can see from Olga’s photoshoot, she bears an uncanny resemblance to Fragile from her facial expressions, poised posture, and Fragile’s incredible seamless suit and umbrella that keeps the timefall rain off her skin.

It’s not only Olga’s brilliant cosplaying that makes this seem so realistic, but it’s also the fantastic work of photographer kmitenkova who has complemented the look with such an atmospheric and apocalyptic feel. You’ll also be able to notice some BT’s in the image as well as the dark and menacing sky found within the world of Death Stranding. The finished Fragile look really is a complete collaboration of amazing talents between Olga and Kira that has produced some stunning images. Make sure you head over to Olga’s Instagram to see more and also check out the photographer Kira who put this all together.

If Fragile’s clothes catch your eye but designing it yourself just isn’t your forte, maybe you could treat yourself to a $1,793 Death Stranding inspired Jacket that could also save you from Timefall? Of course, that would require having that much money to throw around on a pretty plain jacket but what if you could create Sam Porter’s suit and ‘baby jar’ yourself? That’s exactly what Cao Junjie from Shanghai did when he finally got fed up with worrying about going outside with his newborn due to the coronavirus.

For more Fragile goodness, head over to this article where cosplayer and Death Stranding fan Angelina Zelda showcased her Fragile cosplay that she made entirely by hand including her amazing jacket and how she customized it to perfection before going to meet Hideo Kojima dressed as Fragile at Comic-Con Russia in October last year. Talking about her experience with Kojima, she said that it was her “Happiest cosplay moment”. If PC gaming is your thing, maybe a Death Stranding custom case is your cup of tea? If so, check this article out where Death Stranding teamed up with a custom PC tower manufacturer Fractal to deliver a fresh PC case design

Death Stranding launched on PC on July 14 on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can also pick it up for PS4 if you haven’t done so already.

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