Death Stranding's Design Philosophy Will Be Explained by Kojima at GDC

The Death Stranding's Design Philosophy by Hideo Kojima at GDC 2020 will "unravel" his process for design one of last year's most talked-about games.

By Tomas Franzese

January 16, 2020

GDC is held every year and features tons of informative discussions by developers on a variety of game-related topics. Many of them can be viewed on YouTube and I would recommend checking them out if game development interests you at all. Today, a GDC 2020 talk that will likely interest even general audiences: Death Stranding’s Design Philosophy by Hideo Kojima.

Its name is fairly simple and speaks for itself. According to the official description, “Kojima will unravel this process through an analysis of the game’s concept, theme, storytelling, game mechanics, and development, utilizing the overarching keyword of “connection” as a framework.” Death Stranding was unlike most games out there and its connection-based “strand genre” mechanics really helped it stand out, making it a good fit for this kind of talk. Kojima is held on a high pedestal by the gaming community as a whole, so those attending should be excited to learn more about what is going through Kojima’s head when he created the crazier aspects of Death Stranding. 

The Death Stranding’s Design Philosophy talk will be one hour long and, if I had to guess, one of the most popular and crowded talks at GDC 2020. So, how can you see it? Well, unless you are attending you may have to wait. GDC takes place between March 16 and March 20 and tickets are on sale for those within the game industry. If you are not going, you will likely have to wait until it is uploaded to YouTube in some capacity or on the aforementioned GDC channel. 

Death Stranding is available now on PS4 and can be picked up on Amazon. It will also arrive on PC later this year.

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