Die-Hardman Implores Death Stranding Reviewers Not to Spoil the Game

Die-Hardman Implores Death Stranding Reviewers Not to Spoil the Game

He also encourages prospective Death Stranding players to stay off of social media until November 1.

Death Stranding is officially in the hands of some game reviewers around the globe, which means those who aren’t playing are now potentially in danger of one major thing: story spoilers. As it is with all major releases, whether they be films, games, or another form of media, spoilers could start to appear online in the coming week prior to release. For one actor associated with Death Stranding though, he’s asking those who are playing the game already to be careful with what they divulge.

Die-Hardman actor Tommie Earl Jenkins has now asked that reviewers who are playing Death Stranding to not spoil the game. In a new tweet, Jenkins told reviewers, “If you have copies of Death Stranding for review please don’t spoil it for others who are still waiting patiently to experience it.” He added, “They want to enjoy it the same way you did. Let’s connect and respect.”

Jenkins went one step further later on, encouraging those who are worried about having Death Stranding spoiled for themselves to just refrain from going on social media in the coming weeks. “I know you are excited and waiting patiently for the game to drop. Me too! But maybe stay off social media until November 1. There are likely to be spoilers and some people just can’t help but spoil it for others,” Jenkins said. For reference, the November 1 date that Jenkins mentions here is the review embargo date for Death Stranding.

If you’re worried about story spoilers for Death Stranding coming from us here at DualShockers, well, you don’t have to fret about that. We don’t have the game as of this writing, unfortunately. Regardless, we’ll be providing you with a detailed, written review likely after launch with our thoughts on Kojima’s latest.

Death Stranding is finally set to arrive next month on November 8, exclusively for PS4.