Hideo Kojima Shares More Details and Art for Death Stranding; Teases More Unannounced Cast Members

Hideo Kojima Shares More Details and Art for Death Stranding; Teases More Unannounced Cast Members

Death Stranding got a glorious new look at E3 2018, and Hideo Kojima has shared even more info to look forward to about his upcoming title.

As the debut project from Kojima Productions, Death Stranding ranks high on the list of most anticipated titles coming to PS4 down the line, and after an extensive new look at the game from E3 2018, the man of the hour himself, Hideo Kojima, shared even more bits of info about his next masterpiece in the making.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Hideo Kojima shared some new pieces of information on his upcoming Death Stranding after its bizarre yet beautiful presentation at this year’s E3 2018, while also sharing some screenshots captured from the game running on PS4 Pro. Additionally, we have some new artwork/posters for two of the new characters that were revealed in the latest trailer.

Specifically, Kojima explained that what the E3 demonstration showed in its first half and the last sequence “in particular are most representative of the actual gameplay,” while also touting that Sam, the main character played by Norman Reedus, is “unlike any hero you may have seen in games before.” Instead of a more military type seen in other games, Sam is instead “a working man of sorts,” as Kojima explained, and has a skillset “akin to a blue collar worker.”

Kojima also detailed two of the new characters shown in the trailer, played by Lea Seydoux (known for films such as Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) and Lindsay Wagner, most well-known for her roles on The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

Kojima explained that Kojima Productions underwent the process of scanning Wagner “out of necessity for our game” to capture her 3D scan data in order to implement a younger version of her self, as seen in the trailer.

Aside from the reveal of Seydoux and Wagner’s involvement in the game, Kojima also detailed that “there are other cast members who we have yet to be revealed,” which should give an enticing bit of info to look forward to for the game.

However, from the cast members revealed so far, such as Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner, Kojima expressed that all were “people who I grew very fond of, and had a strong desire to work with.” He added that “I pulled some strings (strands), and asked them to be in my game,” adding further that “I wasn’t motivated by marketing or sales, but simply driven by my creative inspiration,” touting the cast as “cross-generational and international.”

Death Stranding is currently in development for PS4. For a closer look, you can check out the new screenshots and character posters below: