New Employee at Kojima Productions Says Death Stranding is “Nothing I Thought it Was”

New Employee at Kojima Productions Says Death Stranding is “Nothing I Thought it Was”

After a few days of working at Kojima Productions, one new employee has seemingly been astounded of what they've seen of Death Stranding.

Despite the fact that there have been multiple different trailers for Death Stranding released over the past few years, it’s hard to still know what exactly the game even is. While the most recent trailer for Death Stranding that debuted at E3 2018 seemed to provide a lot more insight than others due to the fact that it included our first look at gameplay footage, it seems that even this video doesn’t properly convey what the game entails.

According to Aki Saito, the new Head of Marketing and Communications at Kojima Productions, Death Stranding wasn’t even remotely close to what he imagined it being before working at the studio. Saito, who started at Kojima Productions this week, spoke in a recent tweet about his initial thoughts on Death Stranding after his first few days working at the company. “Oh My God….the game is…is…nothing I thought it was!” Saito said on Twitter.

Even though Kojima himself provides a lot of various details about Death Stranding pretty regularly, it still seems like he’s playing his cards close to the chest. The fact that Saito didn’t seem to have a full idea of what Death Stranding really was before joining the studio says a lot and also probably indicates how downright crazy of an experience Kojima and company are cooking up.

Death Stranding currently doesn’t have a release window, but it is scheduled to arrive on PS4. Hopefully, 2019 can finally give us more extensive information on just what this game’s moment-to-moment gameplay is all about.