This Death Stranding Fan Art Poster Is Incredibly Eerie

This Death Stranding Fan Art Poster Is Incredibly Eerie

Check out this colorful yet haunting new fan poster for Death Stranding.

With the release of Death Stranding coming up rapidly, some fans are trying to find ways to make the wait until release go a bit more quickly. For one Denis Istomin, it seems that putting together some new art based on the game is how they’re coping with the final weeks before release.

Shared on Twitter recently, Russian artist Istomin gave us a look at their take on the world of Death Stranding. The poster features the game’s main character, Sam Porter Bridges, in the foreground while in the distance we see one of the beast-like monsters that will be present in the world. At the top of the print is the stylized logo that we’ve seen before for Death Stranding.

Within the past week, we have seen more gameplay from Death Stranding, including a look a deeper look at these beast type creatures. Creator Hideo Kojima has said that these enemies will appear throughout the game and will apparently vary in size, too.

I think my personal favorite part of this fan poster from Istomin though is the use of color. It’s a very vibrant poster that uses lots of blues, reds, and purples, but it’s also simultaneously pretty creepy looking. While not specifically a horror game, Kojima Productions has definitely created a world that seems eerie and Istomin has captured that same tone in this piece.

Death Stranding is set to launch on PS4 later this fall on November 8. To see more from Istomin, you can check out their Instagram account and store page that sells art prints based on other famous properties such as Evangelion.