The Death Stranding Fan Community is Racing to Find a Solution to a Potential Teaser Puzzle

Fans anticipating the next project from Hideo Kojima are banding together to try and figure out a cryptic puzzle that may tie in to Death Stranding.

By Ryan Meitzler

December 19, 2018

For the several decades that he has been making games, Hideo Kojima has been well-known for piecing together elaborate puzzles for players to uncover in relation to his games. Given that his upcoming project, Death Stranding, seems like a puzzle in and of itself, a recent puzzle that has emerged online has led to fan speculation — and crowd-sourced puzzle-solving — to try and figure out its deeper meaning to the game…if it actually has any.

As reported earlier, the fan community surrounding Death Stranding (primarily on Reddit) was lit up with anticipation over a series of tweets from the “Archillect” Twitter account, one which was leading fans to believe may have had some sort of connection to both Kojima and the anticipated game. Notably, that came to a head earlier in the evening when the account appeared to be building up to some sort of puzzle or teaser tied to the game, leaving fans scratching their heads along the way.

After revealing a cryptic image that many fans think is potentially a color-coded message tied to the game, the Death Stranding subreddit has spent the time since its reveal trying to figure out what exactly the image may mean. With just a simple collection of colored dots, fans have speculated that it could be everything from Braille, to hidden binary code, down to a bioencoded message.

One solution that has cropped up and gained credence among the fan community (so far) is that when the color code is converted into binary, the resulting code then forms the phrase “uoyodmaiohwwonktnodllits}k{etalooteruoy” – in reverse, this message reads as “youretoolate{k}stilldontknowwhoiamdoyou,” which was said by the character revealed to be played by actress Lindsay Wagner, at the end of the trailer shown at E3 2018.

While it’s up for debate what exactly this is all is or if it even has any legitimate connection to either Kojima or Death Stranding as a whole, the anticipation built up by this cryptic puzzle led to over 3,000 concurrent users being online on the Death Stranding subreddit, making for a unique group experience in trying to solve this elaborate puzzle.

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Granted, there is the extremely likely possibility that it is either a massive troll or an incredibly complex fan puzzle that has noting to do at all with anything Death Stranding-related, at least in an official capacity. But the sense of mystery that Death Stranding has provided has, nonetheless, made it one of the more interesting games to follow leading up to its release, and hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer if there is another bit of info or another reveal tied to the game in store.

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