Death Stranding Figma: Newly Announced, Looking Sweet

Sam Porter-Bridges has delivered many packages, now it's his turn to be delivered.

It’s been over a year since Death Stranding released for the PS4, and gamers are still divided on whether it’s a masterpiece or not. The game’s summer 2020 PC release put it in more people’s hands and has created a devoted modding community to it. Recently, Kojima Productions teamed up with Max Factory to make two brand new Death Stranding Figma action figures and they look pretty incredible.

The two figures are both for the game’s protagonist Sam Porter-Bridges but come with different items, hands, and accessories. While not officially released yet, you can preorder both figures, but make sure you’re adding the right one to your cart.

Because both figures are of Norman Reedus’ character, they’re easy to confuse. The less expensive, base version comes with the Sam Porter-Bridges figure along with damage sensor tape, a small cargo case, ten alternate hands, an assault rifle, cargo ID stickers, and the classic Figma stand. The more expensive DX version comes with everything listed above as well as an additional small cargo case, two large cargo cases, a floating carrier, the Bola gun, two shoulder protectors, and two leg protectors.

The detail on the Death Stranding Figma is insane. Figma is known for its quality and attention to detail so a hyper-realistic-looking game like Death Stranding seems like the perfect game to get the Figma treatment. There’s no word on if more characters from the game are coming, but if the preorders do well, we can only hope.

Seeing how good Sam looks in the pictures gives me hope for more Sony games to be turned into realistic Figma figures. Characters from games like God of WarThe Last of Us Part II, and Horizon Zero Dawn would make perfect additions to collector cases and would, I imagine, sell like hotcakes.

For more Death Stranding, check out our review right here or this article about a fantastic fam film for the game.

Peter Hunt Szpytek

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