Death Stranding Cosplay Is Fragile, but Not That Fragile

Cosplayer and Death Stranding fan Angelina Zelda takes on the persona of Fragile and also got to meet Hideo Kojima dressed as her favorite character.

April 14, 2020

It may not be the best time right now for cosplayers to showcase their wonderful creations at events due to the tight grip the Coronavirus has over the world, but there’s certainly nothing stopping them from displaying their attire from the comfort of their own homes and it’s something we, especially at DualShockers, love to see. Angelina Zelda, who calls herself a rookie cosplayer, shines as Fragile, the founder of Fragile Express from Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

Angelina who hails from Russia has turned herself into Fragile, the controlled and intelligent owner of Fragile Express from Death Stranding. Due to being a huge fan of the game, Angelina thought of nothing better than to morph into one of the best characters from Hideo Kojima’s popular open-world apocalyptic title that sees protagonist Sam Bridges, a porter for a company known as Bridges, tackle “beached things” (BTs), MULE (a cult of rogue, bandit-like porters influenced by an obsession with cargo, who attempt to steal deliveries so they can deliver it themselves), and Demens. In true dedicated cosplayer fashion, Angelina crafted the outfit herself starting with purchasing a black leather jacket (due to it being cheaper than making one from raw materials) and then altering it massively by designing and applying the words as well as giving the jacket a high collar, just like Fragile’s.


Angelina also removed some zippers from the jacket, giving it a sleek side zip appeal to really give her cosplay an extra level of devotion. One thing that Angelina is looking to add to her look is bumps and spikes to the jacket to finish off the look, but she stated that she designed this cosplay before the game’s release so having to add things here and there is something she had predicted. To add to her excitement, Angelina even got to previously meet Hideo Kojima dressed as Fragile at Comic-Con Russia in October last year. Talking about her experience with Kojima, she said that it was her “Happiest cosplay moment”.

You can check out Angelina’s other cosplay adventures (if Fragile doesn’t float your boat) over on her Instagram where you can especially see a fantastic zombie Jill Valentine cosplay.

At the start of the month, Kojima Productions tweeted that the latest patch version 1.12 will feature the long-awaited photo mode where gamers can change angles, colors, frames, expressions and more. This news excited gamers who were eager to share the work of their in-game photography skills with Kojima Productions then retweeting some incredible fan art creations gamers have taken with the new photo mode. If you ever wondered what and how a Death Stranding ‘baby jar’ recreation would look like and function in the real world, check out Cao Junjie’s story who wanted to protect his baby so much from COVID-19 that he crafted a real-life baby jar so they could adventure outside safely.  

Death Stranding launched for PS4 on November 8th, 2019 and is due out on PC in June 2nd. Preorders for the latter have already gone live on both Steam and Epic Games Store.


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