Death Stranding's Upcoming Gameplay Video at Tokyo Game Show Will be Nearly 50 Minutes Long

Director Hideo Kojima has unveiled just how much of Death Stranding is set to be shown later this week at TGS.

September 10, 2019

Tokyo Game Show is set to kick off starting tomorrow and Sony’s upcoming release of Death Stranding is set to have a pretty big presence at the show. Just how big will it be though? Well, now it seems like we have a good idea.

In a new tweet from director Hideo Kojima, it was revealed that the gameplay video for Death Stranding that is set to be shown this week will be clocking in at 49 minutes in length. Kojima shared an image of his computer that showed an editing timeline for the video that he has clearly been working on. “It’s going to be 49 mins long,” Kojima said in the caption attached to the image.


We’ve known for a bit now that Kojima and company have planned to show off more of Death Stranding during Tokyo Game Show, but I don’t think anyone expected it’d be this extensive. Last month during Gamescom, some initial gameplay from Death Stranding was shown to tide fans over until TGS. In this section of the game we were introduced to new gameplay mechanics that involved peeing and cradling a baby in addition to the appearance of Geoff Keighley in-game. If these outlandish things were revealed in that brief section of footage, I’m scared to think of what we might see in a more extended look.

Sony plans to show off Death Stranding three separate days as part of its scheduled programming at TGS 2019. According to the schedule provided by SonyDeath Stranding gameplay will be shown to the public on September 12 and 13th while on the 14th we’ll get a deep dive conversation centered around the game’s voice actors. Stay tuned later this week as we’ll be sure to share all of that information and footage with you as it’s revealed.

This will likely be Death Stranding’s biggest showing of the year considering TGS 2019 is one of the last major conventions on the calendar before the Kojima Productions title launches in less than two months. If you’ve been patiently waiting to learn and see more about this game, this week should bring a lot of new info.

Death Stranding is set to launch exclusively on PS4 later this year on November 8.

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